Karma Curtains

Quick-Drop curtains for schools- 

ADC Hardware

ADC offers a full line of stage curtain tracks, stage curtain machine operators, stage curtain lift systems, and controls.

Main Act Curtains

What more can we say- they are the star of the curtain show.  Front and center usually made from elegant cotton/Polyester velour.

Teaser's/Borders/Light Bars

These curtains provide the framing for the top side of the stage.  they also help to hide unsightly hardware/lighting.

Cyclorama Settings

The "Cyclorama Setting" usually means curtains that "frame" the Scrim/Cyc.  Including the Rear Traveler, Mid-stage Traveler, Sidelegs, and Borders.


Made from natural or colored sharkstooth, muslin, or commando cloth- they can be used to create different lighting effects


The "little brother" to the Main Act- they help mask the hardware/track and dress up the proscenium.

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